How do I season a Chinese wok?

After using your wok, soak in hot water (no soap) while you are eating but never for any length of time, otherwise it will “rust.”

Any food particles will lift off easily. Use a sink brush or green scrubber pad to remove any particles.

Dry by heating on stove. I do not wipe oil on my wok prior to storing because it can become rancid and get sticky.

If your wok is looking “dry,” rub oiled paper towels all around to restore its finish. Use your wok for cooking everything, not just Asian stir-fries, patina will build back up quickly!

If you get a “fond” (crust) in your wok from caramelizing (sugar), scrub off with a green scrubber. Rub oiled paper towels in the problem area and heat on stove, this will “reseason” it.

Do NOT put your wok in the dishwasher. The washing agent is too strong and the patina will fade and ruin your wok.

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